Monday, 15 October 2012

土地楠榜,土地楠榜,জমি lampung,terres Lampung,Land Lampung,土地ランプン,arazi Lampung,भूमि Lampung,земли Lampung,الأرض لامبونج

SIGER tower, land mark of Lampung province. 3 Comments 3 Like Ranked #12,126 in Culture & Society, #276,876 overall Ads by Google Rangkaian Perawatan Citra Merawat Kulit Perempuan Indonesia Dengan Bahan Alami. Cobain Sekarang Express Hotel Paris Sizzling Hot deal, Save up to 70% Lowest Rates, Instant Confirmation Bursa Mobil Bekas 100rb+ Mobil Bekas Dijual Nego Tipe, Lokasi, Kondisi Beragam! land mark of lampung Siger tower is one of the icons Lampung province of Sumatra island at the end, the level of a tower siger has approximately 300 m above sea level. Siger tower located in the western port of Bakauheni, Lampung. Siger tower known as a land mark Lampung province. Siger tower is the inscription kilometer causeway point of Sumatra, and as a sign that this is the gate of Sumatra island, is a historical record for Lampung province on 29 May 2009. siger tower with beautiful architectural form crawn in the dressing with the color yellow can be seen from far away when it will be docked at the port of Bakauheni both morning and night, the tower is equipped siger spotlights and light tower once used by ships to be docked to the port. Paying at the top of the tower there are three colors (white-yellow-red) as a symbol of this social order of society Lampung. If going through a good road to the island of Java and Sumatra islands opposite to the one definitely will not miss out and see the tower icon siger who is now a province of Lampung. Towers are investigating indigenous cultural communities and at the same lampung land mark of Bakauheni port area, there siger tower main building and there are wooden plaque as a symbol of the tree of life for the float, this makes the tower siger as cultural crown lampung society ......

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